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HireHive vs. iCIMS and Taleo

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Human capital management software is an intensive human resource management tool. HireHive can give you a more simplified, unified overview for the purpose of recruiting.

Data analytics are essential to all variety of recruiting software and human resource management solutions. Human Capital Management software is widely used by larger organisations to manage recruitment, onboarding and employee performance. While these sort of suites of solutions can be useful, for the job of recruiting, things need to maintain the personal touch.

Recruiting software tools like HireHive have the edge over HCM for smaller and medium sized organisations. They keep data central to the process, but hold communications in high regard, like they should. Here’s a few of the advantages HireHive holds over human capital management software.

One simple unified tool

HCM software offers a fairly broad range of services to the user. It offers separate tools for recruiting, on boarding,  performance review and career planning/progression.

What’s great about HireHive is it provides one simple unified tool for sourcing, recruiting and reporting. For a smaller team, you’ve got a neat set of tools and a means of communicating effectively to make a successful hire.

Being able to simply weigh up all information available to you, side by side in one tool ensures that you can make the most informed choice

Having one unified overview of all your candidates, all communication and all data, makes life that little bit easier when recruiting. Being able to simply weigh up all information available to you, side by side in one tool ensures that you can make the most informed choice.

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Easy to share

For smaller and mid-field operations, HireHive has an edge over a huge suite of tools. A larger organisation may need dedicated tracking tools for career progression and for performance review, as they have a dedicated team within HR to look after this area. If you’ve got a relatively small HR and recruiting team juggling all these jobs at once, a unified tool that makes it easy to share with colleagues is the preferable option. Rather than try to spin plates, using a number of solutions, HireHive gives you the overview you need if you’ve got a lot of HR/recruitment responsibilities to balance.

Treating candidates as individuals rather than assets

Tools like Oracle’s Taleo, are by their very nature HCM tools. If you’re managing a large organisation, this is a necessary reality. A smaller growing organisation has the benefit of being able to treat candidates as individuals rather than assets and HireHive can help here.

A smaller organisation has the benefit of being able to treat candidates as individuals rather than assets

HireHive allows you to build a profile of job applicants so that you can easily find someone who’s the right culture fit for your organisation. Once you determine a candidate’s skills, experience and education, through CV screening, your most significant task is addressing the individual’s qualities.

Easily analyse the data

HCM is very heavily data-based. Data is essential for successful recruiting, but it shouldn’t be the grounding for every and any decision you need to make. HireHive offers  the option to draw reports on your candidates and easily analyse the data gathered on your most effective sources.
But also very significantly, the level of communication, both internally and with candidates, when using HireHive ensures that the candidate remains the centre of focus. You’ve got the best of both worlds, being able to balance analytics and human interaction. When there’s an increasing reliance on data, you cannot forget or underestimate the importance of leaving a positive impression.

Easily train the team

All-encompassing tools, like a suite of HCM software solutions, mean you are balancing a number of tasks at once. It may be necessary to train specific teams or team members on how to use specific tools and can make it very difficult to coordinate your efforts. With just one tool, everyone is on the same page. HireHive offers a greater level of simplicity in use. In addition to that you save a lot of time and effort in training and learning to use the solution.

Rather than try to have a vague understanding of 10 different tools, HireHive allows you to have a comprehensive understanding of one tool, that the whole team can use with ease.

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